Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get the discounts?
    We post promo codes, price drops, & Amazon coupon deals.
  1. What is the difference?
  • Promo codes are limited time codes that you enter at checkout.
  • Price Drops are limited time sales that do not require a promo code.
  • Amazon coupon deals are virtual coupons that can be found underneath the price.
  1. How do I use a promo code?
  • Copy the promo code
  • Add the item to your cart
  • Enter the code in the promo code box at checkout 
  • If the code is NOT expired, you will see the discount come off
  • NOTE: Promo codes can expire at any time.
  1. How do I redeem an Amazon coupon?
  • Amazon coupons can be found underneath the price on the Amazon product page
  • Look for the green box with the coupon & tap or click the coupon until you see a green checkmark appear.
  • Add the item to your cart & proceed to checkout
  1. What is subscribe & save
  • Subscribe & save helps you set up regularly scheduled deliveries
  • The more you subscribe, the more you can potentially save 
  • You can cancel subscribe & save at any time
  • More info on the Amazon subscribe & save program here:
  1. How can I save my favorite deals?
  • Select the dropdown menu on the top left
  • Sign in to your google or gmail account
  • Tap the hearts located in the top right of the deal you want to save
  • Go to the dropdown menu and navigate to where it says “saved” in order to view your saved deals.
  1. A deal I saved is no longer on the website, can you help me?
  • The deals on the website will only be visible for a limited time. Deals that are no longer active are removed.
  1. How do I request a deal?
  1. How do I submit a deal?
  • Fill out the form in this link: